Top End Trip 2005


How convenient - drive thru fishing. That xrap proved to be pretty popular over the next few days.
That's sport! The other blokes missed out on all the fun in their rush to get to camp. You'll notice that swimming is not advisable in this water hole.
Day 1 and the red and white Knucklehead entices a nice queenie on the second cast. (Or perhaps it was those fashionable red shorts?)
On a very rare day with no wind, Dr. Paul throws out a blue clouser and comes up big with a northern bluefin tuna on the fly. Nice!
That's a big queenie for a little bloke!
Dr. Paul manages a nice Golden Trevally on the fly.
Jacko with a very decent GT on the fly.
GT caught a GT.
Paulie gets into the act with a nice GT as well.
Dr. Paul snags the best mackeral of the trip while trolling down mackeral alley.
A smallish "saltie". Did you know that saltwater crocodiles are the largest reptile in the world? Not this particular one though - it was only around 5 ft. long.
Fingermark bream don't get much bigger than this one Jacko got in the estuary. It went 4.5 Kg.
Whaddayoucallthatdarl? Jacko with a stonking queenie on the fly.
Not a bad Golden.
Here's Ben getting in on the Mackeral action.
Ben shows off a nice Trevally caught on the fly just a little ways from camp.
Pauly got a beaut northern on the fly
Finally, I got in to the bluefin on the (very windy) last day.
In a somewhat unusual turn of events, Dr. Paul is hypnotized by those big 'ol bluefin eyes.
Time to clean up and pull down the camp...
... well, except for Timmy Pike that is, who seems to have found a beer to keep him occupied instead.
The sun sets.