The Voyage Home - Summer, 2006

Argo III is now at her new home at The NYC. Ken (from Woodwind Yachts) helped me sail her down from Port Darlington over the June long weekend.


Our intention was to sail her down to Toronto on the Monday, but owing to fog in the morning we didn't get away until lunch time. We managed to ground her out in the shallow canal leading to the lake, but soon got her free with some judicious use of the auxillary power generator (a.k.a the paddles).
The first couple of hours were great as we averaged 6.2 knots in a 10-15 knot north easterly breeze. Their was a lull for an hour or so, then winds changed towards the south east and we encountered short choppy seas to around a metre. It was a good shake-down run.
We put in at Port Whitby Marina for the evening, just in time to avoid a huge summer thunderstorm.
On Wednesday the journey was completed in a few hours under superb sailing weather - clear blue skies and a sustained 15-20 knots breeze.
Home at last.