Argo III Restoration - June 18, 2005

We are getting close. All that remains to do is:

  • install the mast
  • install battery and electrics (bilge pump and running lights)
  • install the rudder.
  • couple more coats of varnish.
  • paint the undersides with anti-fouling.

The ETA is still the end of July. I am going to try to find a waterproof battery box.


Looking into the cockpit: shows the new "Bonnie Post"
Looking into the cockpit: these are the custom made lockers. That is the removable flooring (covers the bilge) on top of the locker.
Looking into the cabin. Shows new plate that was installed. This is where the rigging will hook up to.
Looking towards the front. The deck is covered with dust.
View from the front. Nice clean deck lines, until the rigging is done at least!
Another view from the front. The mast will go directly ahead of the cabin.
View of the newly painted waterline.
Another view of the pointy end.
An elevated view from the starboard side (abeam). Turned out a bit fuzzy. Got to figure out how to use the camera before the big top end trip.
An elevated view from the aft starboard quarter.
Transom now has "Argo III" painted on it. We decided to keep the original name, as the boat is quite well known in Canadian yachting circles.
This is the last time anyone will probably ever see this timber. Next time it will be coverd with bronze anti-fouling paint. This view is from the front, looking aft.
Closeup view from aft starboard side. The lighter colored planks are the new ones, the rest are original.
View from port aft.